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The numerous Bags of The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills, part 2

It’s been awhile because we took a deep dive into the bag collections of the genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills. because then, rather a great deal has changed. Lisa Vanderpump left the franchise in a huff as well as is no longer buddies with longtime BFF Kyle Richards. A handful of new women have joined the franchise over the last few years, freshening up both the on-screen drama as well as the fashion. One thing that hasn’t altered much throughout the years is this: the women of the 90210 area code sure do like their designer bags. Paparazzi caught up with these housewives around BH, nyc as well as beyond throughout the years as well as today we’re taking a look at some seriously outstanding bags. As you’ll see, the professional housewives seem to get the most interest while a few of the newbies tend to fly under-the-radar a bit. Which housewife would you like to trade wardrobes with?

Kyle Richards

Vintage Chanel Caviar Quilted Jumbo Kelly Bag ($2,035)
Veteran Beverly Hills housewife as well as OG, Kyle Richards probably has the very best collection of the group. Here, she pairs a unusual vintage Chanel bag with a furry jacket as well as clear-rimmed glasses. A extremely nerd-chic look if you ask me.

Hermès Ostrich Birkin (Shop through Fashionphile)
The very first of many, this Birkin in jade eco-friendly Ostrich is a preferred of Kyle’s. Paps snapped her bring this several times over the last few years. One thing Kyle seems to like as much as her designer bags? kožené kalhoty.

Hermès Kelly Longue Pochette (Shop through Fashionphile)
Kyle was found celebrating her sibling Kathy Hilton’s birthday using a tailored blue velvet suit. Her Kelly Longue Pochette stole the show though.

Chanel Chain Me small Flap Bag (Shop Chanel through Fashionphile)
In 2018 Kyle went to Coachella music festival, as well as while all eyes are on her Chanel Chain Me small it seems her kimono has all eyes on us…

Hermès Kelly Bag (Shop through Fashionphile)
Kyle’s like for Hermès doesn’t stop with Birkins, she diversifies her collection with a few Kelly bags too. While her smooth black Kelly is a ageless classic, this emerald eco-friendly gown appears like it came directly from an 80s prom.

Hermès Kelly Bag (Shop through Fashionphile)
Here, we have one more picture of Kyle donning leather pants with a quite in pink Kelly. Unfortunately, Kyle’s house was burglarized in late 2017, as well as she told Fashionista that this bag was stolen. worry not friends, Kris Jenner was able to discover her one more one!

Hermès Birkin (Shop through Fashionphile)
Another day, one more Birkin! Kyle paired this bright red stunner with a unwinded silk fit for a dinner with her fellow RHOBH castmates.

Gucci Guccissima Padlock take on Bag (Shop Gucci through Nordstrom)
Apparently Kyle likes a great red bag, as well as we like this Gucci Padlock take on bag too. It’s good to see Kyle bring something a bit much more attainable than her outstanding Hermès bags. Celebs, they’re just like us!

Lisa Rinna

Bottega Veneta The pouch 20 ($1,841)
Lisa Rinna joined the cast back in 2014 for season five. because then, paparazzi have been particularly keen on complying with her around Beverly Hills. Her collection is a bit much more diversified in terms of brands than Kyle’s, as well as like the rest of us she has hopped best aboard the #NewBottega train. She brought a little version of BV’s cherished The pouch to NYFW, all the while sporting an impressively high ponytail.

Prada Nylon Belt Bag ($850)
Rinna, as her castmates lovingly (and not-so-lovingly at times) phone call her, was found strolling with the flight terminal using a practical Prada nylon belt bag. sun glasses were just not sufficient to keep her incognito—her signature hairstyle is unmistakeable.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour ($2,650)
You can’t go wrong with a traditional denim as well as tee look, as well as right here Lisa accented her fundamental look with a easy Sac de Jour bag. Her phone case? Gucci of course!

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé very small Bag ($890)
In 2018, Lisa likewise went to Coachella together with Kyle, pairing her printed Gucci pants with a Gucci very small Marmont bag. She cleverly reworked this small crossbody to function as a belt bag here. Do toho, holka!

Chanel Multi pouch (Shop Chanel through Fashionphile)
Why bring one Chanel pouch when you can bring three?

Hermès Crocodile Birkin (Shop through Fashionphile)
Lisa has grasped the art of equipping her leggings with a designer bag. All that’s missing right here is her yoga mat.

Louis Vuitton customized Alma Bag (Shop Louis Vuitton through Fashionphile)
Ah right here it is, the previously mentioned exercise accessory. Lisa is frequently found going to as well as from yoga with a designer bag in hand. On this specific morning she brought a customized Louis Vuitton Alma bag, which playfully reads ‘Mrs. Hamlin’.

Bottega Veneta The pouch ($2,700)
On one more day of NYFW, Lisa brought BV’s cherished The pouch in traditional black together with her child Amelia.

Dior book carry ($2,750)
Lisa was found flitting about nyc with her castmates bring a customized ‘Rinna’ Dior book Tote.

Gucci Arli take on Bag ($1,980)
With a Gucci Arli bag tucked under her arm, Lisa ducked into great morning America.

Louis Vuitton fast 25 ($1,140)
Another morning yoga session, one more Louis Vuitton bag. Here, Lisa paired a traditional fast bag with her yoga mat as well as furry slides.

Balenciaga Blackout Nano City Bag (Shop Balenciaga through Nordstrom)
When she’s not dressed down, Lisa likes to gown up with logos. Gucci sneakers made the ideal pair with her Balenciaga small City.

Louis Vuitton monogram Pallas grasp ($1,600)
Black leggings as well as Louis Vuitton seems to be a thing, huh?

Erika Girardi

Louis Vuitton Bleeker Box ($3,450)
Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne, joined RHOBH a season after Lisa Rinna, as well as fans will understand that she brings the fashion heat. She’s frequently late to cast events getting her glam as well as attire just right. The funny thing about Erika is that she’s frequently photographed sans a handbag. right here she does bring a bag, albeit a rather small one. Unlike her tour, Louis Vuitton’s Bleeker Box isn’t a quite mess, however it is quite in pink.

Louis Vuitton palm Springs PM ($2,210)
Erika’s fashion options variety from over the top to comfy, yet chic. Here, Erika dressed down for a dinner with Lisa Rinna as well as Co, equipping her LV backpack with furry pom-pom essential chain.

Edie Parker double shot Bag ($1,556)
For Andy Cohen’s infant shower, Erika matched her knee high leopard boots to an Edie Parker bag.

Louis Vuitton twist MM Chain flower print (Shop Louis Vuitton through Fashionphile)
Spotted behind the scenes during filiming, Erika was photographed with a restricted edition printed LV twist bag.

Chanel Bicolor Python small traditional Flap (Shop Chanel through Fashionphile)
This bicolor python Chanel small rounds out Erika’s easy black as well as white look.

Dorit Kemsley

Louis Vuitton small Malle ($3,375)
Dorit Kemsley joined the women for season seven as well as she rivals Erika for her extra-ness. though her accent may make it seem otherwise, Dorit hails from Connecticut, as well as she satisfied her hubby on the east coastline before they settled in the 90210. Here, Dorit was found back on her house coastline using a traditional version of Louis Vuitton’s ever-popular small Malle.

Jacquemus Le Chiquito small leather Bag ($415)
When she’s not filming, Dorit seems to dip off of the paparazzi’s radar. nevertheless when filming her fashion options are especially snap worthy. For a dinner during NYFW, Dorit brought a teeny, small Jacquemus bag which castmate Kyle jokingly made fun of on screen.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue purse on Chain (Shop Chanel through Fashionphile)
Dorit’s hair is ever-changing as well as right here she pairs a high-ponytail with a Chanel purse on Chain on her method to (drumroll please!) a dinner with the other Beverly Hills ladies.

Teddi Mellencamp

Saint Laurent little Kate take on Bag ($1,850)
In keeping with the pattern of adding a new woman every season, for season eight fans were introduced to Teddi Mellencamp, child of musician John Mellencamp. Teddi is one of the much more down to earth ladies, as well as is in some cases teased by her costars for her much more fundamental outfits. Teddi did step it up after her very first season on the show, as well as right here she was found bring an attractive metallic Saint Laurent small bag.

Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé very small Bag ($890)
Here we have one more appearance by Kyle’s spectacular red Birkin while Teddi used a easy Gucci small bag. The concern right here is did Teddi borrow this from Lisa Rinna or was it the other method around?

Louis Vuitton Louise grasp (Shop through Fashionphile)
Teddi keeps her attire quite simple, as well as right here she was found with her castmates using a smooth black jumpsuit equipped with a basic, however stylish LV clutch.

Denise Richards

Balenciaga Ville Bag ($1,850)
A self-proclaimed denim as well as tee shirts type of girl, Denise Richards joined The genuine Housewives of Beverly Hills in its ninth season. Paparazzi seldom catch Denise these days, as well as when they do she’s frequently seen with just her phone as well as a purse in hand. snaps from prior to 2018 show Denise bring the exact same couple of nondescript bags. right here she’s seen with a pink Balenciaga Ville bag, an fascinating option for somebody whose fashion typically is fundamental as well as understated.

Garcelle Beauvais

Gucci Sukey GG denim carry (Shop Gucci through Nordstrom)
RHOBH newest woman made her debut this season, which premiered last month. Garcelle Beauvais is an actress as well as former model. many snaps of her in our picture service’s database are from red carpets, galas as well as events. ExistujíNejvětší jen málo pouličních záběrů Garcelle nejlépe, ale tento upřímný snímek nezklamal. Zde je Garcelle přinese Gucci Denim Sukey Tote. Kdo má na paměti tuto tašku? Určitě ano, stejně jako 100% by to dnes přineslo!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (1 500 $)
Pro spuštění úkolů se Garcelle drží klasiky a také pro Louis Vuitton, který se necítil po městě. Mám pocit, že Garcelle má mnohem více tašek, které se předvádějí, a také se dívám dopředu, až uvidím, co ještě má v této sezoně.

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